First Indoor Cycling MAF Test

This was my first MAF test using the trainer was at its highest resistance.

The data was recorded on Strava.

Screenshot 2018-03-10 18.43.37

Lap 1

Screenshot 2018-03-10 18.43.43

  • Duration: 10:05
  • Distance: 3.56 km
  • Average speed: 21.2 km/h
  • Max speed: 22.2 kn/h
  • Average cadence: 77
  • Max cadence: 87
  • Average HR: 148
  • Max HR: 154
  • Estimated power: 156W

Lap 2

Screenshot 2018-03-10 18.43.46

  • Duration: 10:03
  • Distance: 3.57 km
  • Average speed: 21.3 km/h
  • Max speed: 22.5 km/h
  • Average cadence: 77
  • Max cadence: 81
  • Average HR: 147
  • Max HR: 153
  • Estimated power: 156W

Commutes as Recovery Rides. How Fast Can You go? (Strava Data Included)

If you bike to work at an easy pace, would you be too slow?

Here are the screenshots from Strava. The rides were done on Vancouver’s bike routes. A heart rate monitor was used to make sure that I stayed in the right zone. A larger cassette was installed so that hills were easier to climb.


Heather St (Southbound)

heather st sb.png

  • Max HR: 121
  • Avg HR: 106
  • Avg power (estimated): 103W
  • Avg speed: 15.1 km/h

Kitsilano to UBC

kits to ubc.png

  • Max HR: 131
  • Avg HR: 116
  • Avg power (estimated): 178W
  • Avg speed: 17.4 km/h

Off Broadway (Westbound)

off broadway wb.png

  • Max HR: 108
  • Avg HR: 91
  • Avg power (estimated): 102W
  • Avg speed: 15.5 km/h

Ontario St (Northbound)

ontario st nb.png

  • Max HR: 117
  • Avg HR: 108
  • Avg power (estimated): 190W
  • Avg speed: 14.2 km/h

Your speed should decrease more noticeably when climbing, when accelerating, or when carrying heavier loads.

Your speed shouldn’t decrease as noticeably on the flats or when carrying lighter loads.

LSCT Warmup on Nov 24, 2017

This warmup was done shortly after my FTP was updated.


Here’s the results compared to my last one’s:

  • HR from the last minute of the first interval: 117 vs 130
  • HR from the last minute of the second interval: 140 vs 154
  • HR from the last two minutes of the third interval: 161 vs 179
  • HR after 90 seconds of rest: 101 vs 112
  • Recovery HR after 2 minutes: 64 vs 70

Notice that a lower cadence was used which may partially explain the lower HR’s. A fan was also used.

Second FTP Test on TrainerRoad

I have finished Sweet Spots Base I and my second 8 minute FTP test on TrainerRoad. Here’s the data from Strava and TrainerRoad.

Strava data

strava data

TrainerRoad data

TR data

According to the tests, my FTP increased from 182W to 203W or 11% in six weeks. It’s possible that some of the improvement was caused by using a fan which decreased my HR significantly.

For the second interval, I increased the gearing and noticed that my wattage was higher even though my HR stayed the same. Notice that the cadence was lower. I may have to improve my pacing . If the workouts are still too easy, I might raise the intensity by 3 or 4 percent.

I’m now on Sweet Spot Base II. Compared to the first part, it has more threshold, VO2 max, and anaerobic intervals.

Minoura M80 Trainer’s Power Curve at its Maximum Resistance Setting

This chart was made using LibreOffice Calc. The power was measured at different speeds. There was a big gap between the last two points because a high power output was required even though I used the minimum resistance to do the test.

Since it’s linear, you can use a speedometer to estimate your power. You should set the wheel size so that the numbers are close to those in the chart. This is useful if you don’t have a power meter.

Screenshot 2017-10-23 16.47.45.png

Screenshot 2018-03-10 18.27.13

First TrainerRoad LSCT Warmup the Day After a Workout

The LSCT warmup can be used to track fitness changes and recovery. This is my first time doing the warmup.

Screenshot 2017-10-19 14.35.36.png

The warmup was performed the day after the workout Monitor with a morning HR of 50.

Here’s the data:

  • HR from the last minute of the first interval: 130
  • HR from the last minute of the second interval: 154
  • HR from the last two minutes of the third interval: 179
  • HR after 90 seconds of rest: 112
  • Recovery HR after 2 minutes: 70

If the values change, then there’s changes to fitness or recovery.

What I needed to change during the warmup was a consistent cadence and avoiding pausing by backpedalling or turning off auto-pause.

Here are two articles about the test:

The Stages Cycling HR strap with Bluetooth and ANT+ was used.