Special Education Program During my High School Years

During high school, I was in a special-ed program.

Before high school, people knew that I needed supports from SEA and tutors. I often went to the resource room.

Starting high school, I went to the Learning Assistance Life Skills program. The school was a little further away since the closest one didn’t offer the program.

They taught us how to be independent by teaching us academics, social skills, travelling by public transportation, field trip planning, and cooking. Sometimes peer tutors, who were students in regular classes, helped us out.

lals classroom
Learning Assistance Life Skills classroom.

The field trips included museums, shopping malls, bowling, swimming, hikes, restaurants, and cinemas. Some of them were half-day, and others were all day, depending on the time needed.

Bowen Island.

We learned cooking as well, including planning, shopping, and preparation.

Some of us were enrolled in classes outside the program. I took chemistry, physics, math, and communications classes. I had support from tutors, and through asking my teachers questions. Other students took woodworking, sewing, and cooking.

We had PE with the students from the Life Skills program. The PE class was different from regular PE classes because it needed to accommodate people with disabilities. We had warm-ups and stretching and played sports, including basketball, handball, volleyball, and California kickball.

Some of us took both our PE class and regular PE, which I did for my last year. One advantage is that you’ll become very active if you take two PE classes.

We were encouraged to participate in after school activities. I went to the TLC Special Needs Program at a community centre, and Special Olympics doing basketball and aerobics for a few months. For the last two years there, I tried out cross country running and track and field.

We had work experience, including grocery stores and department stores.

work experience.jpg
Serving meals in the community lunch program near our school.

The program also covered transitioning to post-secondary education, including tours at colleges. After graduating, I went to the Food Technology program at BCIT. What I needed to do was to pass a communications exam.