The Need for Employment Services in an Autistic Person

Employment tends to be a challenge in autistic people that at least 80% of autistic adults are unemployed. That’s why I think they need employment services.

Job interviews and keeping the job are often hard for them which is why I think they need employment services.

I feel that some networking is needed for me to pass job interviews.

Keeping jobs may be difficult too. I need clear instructions, a quiet work area, and clear performance feedback to be able to perform well. I’m still experimenting with earmuffs and ear plugs to improve concentration even if the noise doesn’t sound too loud.

I would recommend that autistic people get the workplace accommodations that they need once they’re hired.

autism accommodations.png

I learned that there are employment agencies that are trained to help disabled people find jobs. Thankfully, I’ve been getting help from one. They not only help their clients find jobs that are suitable for them but also help them to be successful in their jobs once hired.

Since autistic adults tend to have a hard time getting and keeping jobs, I think employment services are important for them.


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