My Fenix PD35 TAC Flashlight


I bought the PD35 TAC flashlight from Vancouver Battery. It’s a 1000 lumen tactical flashlight that can light up to 200m.


It came with a holster, a manual, and spare O-rings and switch cover.

The flashlight has general and tactical modes. In general mode, it remembers your brightness selection when you turn it off. It can last from 1h 10min in turbo mode to 140 hours in eco mode! In tactical mode, it always starts at turbo mode followed by strobe and low.

This flashlight can be life saving in an emergency. In tactical mode, you don’t have to look for the turbo setting when your adrenaline level is high. Since it’s easy to carry every day, you’re more likely to use it when it’s needed. This flashlight may deter wild animals.


I carry the flashlight in its holster attached to my belt. It’s powered by a protected 18650 Li-ion battery.

Most of the time, I use the tactical mode. If it’s too bright, I aim it away slightly, using the side spill which reduces glare. It’s possible to do the same in general mode if you keep its setting at turbo. This is useful because many other models from Fenix don’t have tactical mode.

I bought it because it has a good balance of battery life, mode selection, light output, beam distance, weight, and size.


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