Difficulties with Style of Clothing in an Autistic Person


I often find it difficult to determine the right clothing for the right occasion when there’s no clear guidelines.

I have a hard time deciding what to wear based on:

  • How worn the clothing can be.
  • How faded the clothing can be.
  • How wrinkled the clothing can be.
  • How strictly the dress code should be followed.
  • What style the clothing should be.

Clothes gradually fade and wear over time. It can be expensive and wasteful to buy new clothes every time you notice them fade or wear. I find it hard to draw the line when it’s too faded or worn and whether repairs should be made.

Some people may not seem to follow the dress code perfectly. You might see people wearing jeans when the dress code is business casual, and not seem to have problems which can be confusing. I guess there’s also be unwritten rules about it. Maybe they looked like jeans but the weren’t.

Other features that I have difficulties with include colour, fitting, type of clothing, how high dress shirts should be buttoned, and what combinations are allowed? I was told that dress shirts shouldn’t always be buttoned all the way up, and checked shirts shouldn’t be worn with checked pants.

Without being given the answer or hints, I might not even notice that you’re wearing clothing that’s too formal or too casual. Some of my clothing might not be worn for too long.

To decide what to wear, I often need to ask for suggestions. Sometimes I’ve worn clothing that’s designed for a different temperature because I wasn’t sure if the alternatives would be the wrong style. I also know that it’s ok to wear noticeably stained clothing if they’re going to be stained anyways, and that clothing is a form of social cue.

I think a chart of what to wear based on specific situations would be helpful. The chart may include meterials, colours, patterns, styles, etc.


One thought on “Difficulties with Style of Clothing in an Autistic Person

  1. Chromographia May 30, 2017 / 12:16 am

    Checked shirts together with checked pants just looks like pyjamas


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