Is Cycling to Downtown Faster on a Road Bike than on a Hybrid Bike?

Recently, I cycled to Downtown Vancouver on a road bike. It seemed to be faster.

I have uploaded the screenshots for comparison.

For a ride with my road bike, the average speed was 22 km/h.

road bike
Road bike ride on March 23, 2017.

For a ride with my hybrid bike. The average speed was 18.7 km/h.

Hybrid bike ride on Feb 11, 2016.

My road bike was unloaded and had no baskets. Its water bottle cage was used to hold a water bottle. I didn’t wear a backpack. Its drop bars allowed a more aerodynamic position.

My hybrid bike had a basket and maybe a pannier which increased air drag. The total weight was also higher.

I think my speed really improved. 22 km/h is faster than my recorded rides to Downtown on Strava.

I also had a speedometer which I think is important if you want to improve your average speed. It’s easier to keep your speed smoother that way. I used a speedometer app on my cellphone.

In the future, I might record more rides near UBC and in Stanley Park and Richmond. I might be able to see improvements. I hope that my average speed can exceed 30 km/h on River Road!


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