Autistic People Should be Allowed Accommodations


Recently, there was an article from saying how fidget toys are becoming acceptable because of non-autistic people using them. This made me agree that autistic people should be allowed to have other accommodations as well.

One of the accommodations that I feel that I need is wearing hearing protection to prevent sensory overload. Some people think they shouldn’t be worn because it’s extreme or it’s awkward.

It’s true that there are concerns about looking different but I think not being able to function well can be more serious.

I rather not wait for symptoms to occur because that would be too late. Productivity may be lost and it requires time for recovery. Often, you hear the saying time is money.

From a company with high functioning autistic people, many of them need accommodations such as headphones. They’re also successful.

If I see that another autistic person needs accommodations, I’ll assume that I may need them too or at least I should experiment.

With autism, there’s different sensory needs, difficulties reading social cues, and difficulties expressing emotions. They may need to be allowed to stim, job coaches, to avoid tasks that require socializing, fidget toys, sensory friendly environments, clear communication, help with making friends and socializing, help with interpreting social cues even those obvious to non-autistic people, and other accommodations.

Compared to certain disabilities, autism can be subtle but that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t there, it’s too mild to need accommodations, or the person doesn’t want to socialize. That’s why I think more autism awareness is needed. Like many disabilities, it needs accommodations.

An autistic YouTuber mentioned about not having work because of sensory needs. I don’t know how much accommodation the person received or if accommodations would have enabled the person to work. What I believe is that we shouldn’t have to miss opportunities just because we didn’t have accommodations due to unawareness of our disabilities.

I hope that other forms of accommodations would become acceptable.


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