List of Electronic Bike Safety Accessories and the Need to Simplify them

For cycling safety, it’s important to have front, rear, and side visibility, and possibly a horn and cameras.

The following is a list of safety accessories:

  • front bike light
  • rear bike light
  • front helmet light
  • rear helmet light
  • front spoke light
  • rear spoke light
  • helmet camera
  • rear camera
  • electric horn
  • speedometer

There’s 10 items on the list which doesn’t include non-safety or non-electronic accessories such as smart locks, navigation devices, hand warmers, power meter and mirrors. Some cyclists may even install more lights for increased brightness or visibility.

My opinion is that that those features should be in fewer units for convenience. A possible design might be having one larger battery pack and one control unit for the bike’s front, rear, and side lights. The same design can be done for the helmet light which can also be used as a spare light.

The problem with half a dozen bike lights is the need to charge many units, the need to press the buttons for each unit, and the need to remove them when parking your bike.your bike. If the conditions change, you may also need to adjust the light settings for each unit to conserve energy or improve visibility.

If only helmet and bike lights are upgraded to be complete, the number of units can be dropped from 10 to 6. With fewer units, it’s easier to remember to charge them all, turn them on or off, and store them which encourage its use, possibly making cycling safer.

I find it easier to manage with fewer bike lights.

For cars, a single battery powers most of its accessories. Why shouldn’t bike accessories be powered the same way too?


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