Features I’m Looking for in my Next Bike for Commuting

I’m planning on upgrading my bike so that it’s faster and has the benefits of a hybrid bike. According to forums, upgrading to a road bike from a mountain bike can improve the speed by up to 20%.

I currently ride a hybrid bike. My average speed seems too low based on forums. From my rides on Strava, their average speeds were around 17 km/h even if I pedalled hard.


I’m thinking of getting a used cyclocross or touring bike. Its features should include:

  • Drop bars for a more aerodynamic position.
  • Room for wider tires (at least 32c) which are more suitable when there’s poorer roads which are more common on side streets.
  • Room for fenders because it would be used in the rain.
  • Threaded holes for racks and baskets.

I’m considering adding custom made lights and electric horns to it for safety. To maximize the speed, they should be lightweight and aerodynamic.

I’ve never commuted or biked long distance with a bike similar to a road bike before. I’ll have to try one to find out whether my speed is similar to average.

It’s possible that stopping often reduces the average speed significantly. In Vancouver, the bike routes are mostly on side streets which means waiting at stop signs, slowing down, and stopping are required more frequently.

I think getting to your destination faster by 20% is worth the upgrade. It can encourage more cycling and reduce the need to drive.


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