Dual Protection Attenuation Values for Store Bought Hearing Protection Devices (Calculated)

Have you ever felt that even with hearing protection, it’s still too loud? A possible solution is to wear both ear plugs and earmuffs for extra protection.

For protecting your ears, some safety regulations recommend wearing dual protection when sound levels exceed 100 dB. Dual protection may be needed for gun shots too.

It’s also useful for studying, sleeping, and those who are sensitive to sounds such as those who get sensory overload.

Another situation where this is beneficial is low frequency noise sources because a single passive noise reduction device isn’t very effective against those noises. You may find this effective when you’re near traffic or inside a vehicle. This method can be much cheaper than using active noise reduction.

The combined attenuation values were calculated for 27 dB reusable ear plugs and 26 dB earmuffs. They were purchased from Home Hardware.

dual protection

The bone conduction values were estimated from an article about dual hearing protection.

The calculated attenuation values were higher than those in the dual hearing protection article. All of them were limited to bone conduction. I don’t know how effective they are in real life. I plan on trying dual protection on the bus.

It’s important to have a proper fit to achieve high attenuation values. You can have some idea of the attenuation values by using a tone generator with and without hearing protection. If the tone is perceived as half as loud, the attenuation is about 10 dB.

I’ve attached the packages for both hearing protection devices.




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