Injury from a Broken Drill Bit

While drilling a steel bar, a drill bit broke and and cut my finger.

The drill bit was 1/16″ and the broken piece attached to the drill fell onto my index finger. There wasn’t much pain even though there was clearly bleeding. It must have been very sharp.

I shouldn’t have used my hand to secure the workpiece.

What I did next was rinse the wound, apply rubbing alcohol, and cover it with a band-aid.

It may need to be examined. Since it’s more than 10 years since my last tetanus shot, a booster shot may be needed.

This incident was likely preventable if a clamp was used to secure the bar. The drill bit should have also been sharpened also to reduce the risk of breakage.

This is a reminder not to have your hands near a drill bit being used because it can break at any time.


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