Car Horns for Bicycles Charging and Installation Instructions

The instructions are for the car horns set up for bicycles.


The battery used in the setup is SLA which should be kept at full charge for maximum life. If they are stored with low charge, the battery will be permanently damaged as sulphur crystals form.

The following instructions are for smart chargers which makes sure that it properly charges the battery. Since it probably has an internal thermometer, make sure that your battery and charger are at the same temperature. If you’ve cycled in the cold and the charger was in a warm location, wait for your bike to warm up before charging. If you’re using other battery chemistries, the charging instructions will be different.

How to charge:

  • Charge at least once every month
  • Charge more often if stored at higher temperatures or if the horn is used more often
  • Wait for your battery’s temperature to match that of the charger before charging
  • Do not fully drain the battery


Installation requires custom mounts. You can try mounting your setup on your frame, handlebar, basket, or pannier rack. You can use cable ties and velcro straps installation.

For safety, make sure that it doesn’t cause mechanical problems for areas such as steering, braking, pedalling, wires falling into the spokes of wheels, and the sagging of basket. You should:

  • Use cable ties to keep the wires in place
  • Install the button where you won’t have to remove your hands from the grip if you have to honk. You should be able to brake or steer
  • Use rubber or duct tape to keep the button from slipping

Make sure that wires won’t disconnect from vibrations. Use cable ties or duct tape near the horn and battery connectors. To reduce vibrations, you can put form under the battery.

For waterproofing, you can wrap the button and enclosure with a plastic bag.

Ride safely!


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