My Daytime Running Bike Light Setup

When cycling, visibility is very important for safety which is why I use bike lights even during the day.

Bike lights mounted onto handlebar extender.
Rear view of seat post extenders with lights.
Side view of seat post extenders with lights.

Higher powered lights are needed for daytime. The lights I used were over half a watt. I used multiple lights for extra visibility and redundancy. In the day, it’s better to have them flash and at night, it’s better to have them at a low or solid setting.

You can get those lights at your local bike shop or Amazon. They are either powered by a built-in Li-ion battery, AA, or AAA batteries. For the last two, you can use rechargeable batteries. I recommend precharged batteries because they hold their charge longer.

Since my bike ran out of space for the lights, I installed custom seatpost and handlebar extenders. With extenders, you can also space the lights further apart by mounting one on the left side and one on the centre or right to give drivers a better idea of the outline of your bike. Having lights on the left improves visibility too. You can expect improvements in passing distances. Left sided panniers and trailers can improve visibility too.

My helmet has a DIY self levelling mount for its rear so that it will point straight even if you tilt your head up or down. I built the mount because for some reason, bike stores don’t have helmet mounts for high powered rear lights. You can easily make one at home. If you want, you can vote for me in my Instructables contests.

I’ve taken pictures of my bike light setup with and without the lights on. It may seem like an overkill but I believe that we should be more visible and be seen miles away which gives drivers more time to react.

Rear bike lights:

  • Cygolite Hotshot 2W USB (mounted on the left)
  • Portland Design Works Danger Zone Tail Light (mounted on the centre)
Cygolite Hotshot 2W USB and Portland Design Works Danger Zone Rear Lights on solid mode.
Rear lights turned off.

Front bike lights:

Planet Bike Blaze 500 XLR headlight on solid mode.
Custom high powered front lights with side lights on solid mode.
Front lights turned off.
Custom high powered front lights with side lights on solid mode.
Side lights turned off.

Front helmet light:

  • Planet Bike Blaze 500 XLR (helmet mount sold separately)


Rear helmet light:

  • Planet Bike Superflash Turbo LED Rear Light


I would recommend using bike lights in the daytime for improved visibility.


2 thoughts on “My Daytime Running Bike Light Setup

  1. Jan-Lin June 21, 2016 / 11:54 pm

    Nice shots of the lights! I don’t usually use my lights in the day-time since it’s so bright outside already (and my lights aren’t that bright haha) 🙂 What do you think of the LED lights that are seen attached to the bike spokes?


    • Han-Lin June 23, 2016 / 10:45 am

      They can improve side visibility for night time. There are Monkeylectric light that that display patterns on your wheels.


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