Getting Hit by a Bus on My Commute

On the morning of August 7, I was hit by a bus while removing my bike from its rack.

On that day, when I went to the front of the bus to unload my bike, the bus moved forward and my bike on the rack hit my left shoulder. Fortunately, the bus stopped and I wasn’t run over. When I took my bike onto the sidewalk, the bus left shortly.

The incident happened at a bus stop on Westminster Highway in Richmond. The bus route was 410 – 22nd Street Station east bound. The bus was delayed by a train which may have caused him to be in a rush or he didn’t see me in front of it until the last moment.

I reported the accident to the police, Translink, and ICBC. I provided the cross streets, bus route, bus stop number, and details of the accident. During work, a policeman asked about the incident.

Reporting can take about an hour. Even if an injury seems minor such as scratches or bruises from getting doored while cycling, it should be reported. Injuries may not be immediately apparent and when pain develops, you may need coverage. By reporting, our city will also see the need for improving traffic safety such as adding bike lanes and installing blind spot cameras.

I never knew that an accident like this would ever happen. I plan to be safer in the future by shouting “Bike getting off!” before getting off the bus.

If you were in an accident, even if it seems minor, you should report it.


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