Mountain Mirrycycle Mirror Review

mirrycycle installed

Out of the four cycling mirrors I’ve used, I recommend the Mirrycycle mirror.

I decided to purchase a better mirror at the bike shop Ride on Again after watching the video “No Bike Mirror….Suicidal?”. It costs $15.75 at Mountain Equipment Co-op. If you’re not convinced that a bike mirror is important, you should watch the following video.

The Mirrycycle mirror withstands vibrations very well. Unlike other mirrors, it attaches to your handlebar end with a wedge which makes it very solid. It’s joints can also be tightened further.

When installing, you will have to remove its end cap or cut open your handlebar grip.

I’ve tried mirrors that mount to handlebar grips, handlebar ends with rubber, and helmets. Unfortunately, they aren’t solid like motorcycle mirrors. Vibrations can cause them to drift, making them useless and unsafe to adjust during your ride.

The mirror can also be folded out of the way which makes it useful when parking your bike or cycling in tight spaces. Folding the mirror out of the way prevents it from breaking if your bike falls over.

Mirrycycle also ships replacement parts in case your mirror breaks.

With the mirror, I feel safer cycling. I will know if cars behind are waiting and how busy the street is.

If you want a cycling mirror that’s reliable, I would recommend the Mirrycycle mirror.

Update: WD-40 may loosen the bolts. I would not recommend using it when installing the mirror.


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