Why Adult Autism Awareness is Important

I’m writing this article to promote autism awareness because I recently learned that according to a study, only 15% of autistic adults are working. This applies to all people on the spectrum including those with Asperger’s Syndrome. Even if an autistic person can do the job very well and has a degree, getting and keeping a job is still tough because of the lack of social and communication skills.

Employment rates for autistics compared to those of other types of disabilities. Source: http://www.slideshare.net/marjoriemadfis/autism-employment-and-yes-she-can-inc

Autism is pretty common. About two percent (1 in 68) of the population is autistic. Relatives, friends, friends of friends, classmates, or college grads may have autism spectrum disorder. I am autistic too and I’m learning how to have a good first impression for my job search.

Autistic workers can have skills that benefit employers which include:

  • Deep interest and focus in certain subjects
  • Tolerating and even preferring routines
  • Being able to concentrate on tasks that appear boring
  • Attention to details

To pass a job interview, a good first impression is required. Interviewers look for social cues to predict how confident (competent), friendly, interested, and honest the person is. Autistics have a hard time with eye contact, smiling, tone of voice, and gestures.

A job that doesn’t require very much talking or social interaction is most suitable for those with autism. The work place would be improved if they were hired because there would be a wider variety of skills.

If you know someone who has difficulty finding a job or a company looking for those skills, you can help by sharing this.


One thought on “Why Adult Autism Awareness is Important

  1. coreysanCorey February 13, 2015 / 2:26 pm

    Good article, Han-Lin. Smart folks with ASD are an untapped resource! Working with you was a treat.


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