Can the Flu Affect Resting Heart Rate (According to the Fitbit Charge 2)


The flu last week seemed to increase my resting heart rate by a few beats. After jogging, it increased even more for the next couple of days. Maybe the heart rate didn’t increase too much because two days were taken off.


Can Chocolate Affect Sleep (Based on Sleep Data)

For the sleep data, chocolate was consumed around 3 pm the day before. The quantity was only two small chocolate pieces.

Screenshot 2018-03-15 19.30.39.png

Interestingly, only 18 minutes was spent in REM sleep.

More sleep data may be needed to draw a conclusion whether chocolate affects sleep quality. Other factors may have affected it which includes:

  • Magnesium supplementation which may improve deep sleep.
  • Milk chocolate which has less caffeine than dark chocolate, tea, or coffee?
  • Sleep start was about half an hour later than the previous night’s.
  • The last time chocolate was consumed was months ago which may affect tolerance to its caffeine. Mineral levels may also affect sleep.

First Indoor Cycling MAF Test

This was my first MAF test using the trainer was at its highest resistance.

The data was recorded on Strava.

Screenshot 2018-03-10 18.43.37

Lap 1

Screenshot 2018-03-10 18.43.43

  • Duration: 10:05
  • Distance: 3.56 km
  • Average speed: 21.2 km/h
  • Max speed: 22.2 kn/h
  • Average cadence: 77
  • Max cadence: 87
  • Average HR: 148
  • Max HR: 154
  • Estimated power: 156W

Lap 2

Screenshot 2018-03-10 18.43.46

  • Duration: 10:03
  • Distance: 3.57 km
  • Average speed: 21.3 km/h
  • Max speed: 22.5 km/h
  • Average cadence: 77
  • Max cadence: 81
  • Average HR: 147
  • Max HR: 153
  • Estimated power: 156W

14 Possible Reasons Why People Think Autism Can be Outgrown

outgrow autism.png

Here are some possible reasons why people think autism can be outgrown:

  • Assumption that autism is caused by heavy metal poisoning which is something that’s treatable.
  • False advertisements for treatments or “cures” for autism.
  • Impression that autistic adults are supposed to look or act like autistic children.
  • Impression that autism is only a childhood disability.
  • Autistic people can get better at suppressing their traits such as stimming and using the right social cues.
  • Revealed strong skills in certain areas may give the impression that the person also needs less support in other areas. Intact rote memory means the student can do well in facts based courses but it doesn’t reflect the person’s coordination or executive function which tends to be their hurdles in terms of employment.
  • Stories about autism being cured.
  • The autistic person received less support which reduced the amount of reminders that the person was autistic.
  • The autistic person joined fewer special needs programs, clubs, or groups which also reduced the amount of reminders that the person was autistic.
  • The autistic person mentioned less about his or her challenges.
  • Chronic sensory overload may be confused with desensitization because the baseline was forgotten.
  • Behind the scene preparations were overlooked. Having successful social interactions may be confused with actual improvements. Notice that in one example, a lot of preparation was needed for every hour of social interaction.
  • Asking for help when writing letters or other accommodations may be mistaken for a lack of maturity or confidence which can be improved. Similar to the previous example, when I write comments, I need lots of preparation time to make sure that it’s in the right mood and has a reasonable amount of information. Why not have your job completed in five minutes instead of one hour?
  • Tests don’t look at their real life abilities which means the scores can be average or even above average.

First Day of Sleep Tracking with the Fitbit Charge 2

I used the Fitbit Charge 2 to track my sleep. It can actually report how much time was spent in the sleep stages.

When I was shopping for the Fitbit, I thought that being able to detect sleep stages was a strong selling point because it’s an area that I need to work more on. It was able to detect sleep stages because it has a heart rate monitor.

Here are the screen shots:




With accurate information about your sleep, you can find out what affects your sleep.

Ideas for experiments include:

  • Number of steps per day
  • Duration of exercise at different intensities or power or heart rate zones
  • Timing of exercise
  • Aromatherapy
  • Maffetone method
  • Traditional base training
  • Sweet spot base training
  • Resistance training
  • Number of days of exercise per week
  • Workout splitting
  • Brain exercises
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Recovery workouts (exercise intensities that you don’t consider as exercise)
  • Light therapy intensity, duration, and timing
  • Naps
  • Maximum amount of caffeine you can take without affecting your sleep
  • Super foods
  • Chamomile
  • Lavendar
  • Herbs
  • Sleep aids
  • Sleep schedules

How would they affect your REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, night time awakenings, and sleep onset?